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Rehearsal Dinner

Focus on fun, family and friends.

We at Telluride Catering feel honored to be a part of your wedding experience, such a momentous event in the lives of an engaged couple, their parents and their friends. We take pride and pleasure in contributing to the enjoyment of each part of the experience. 

A wedding’s rehearsal dinner offers a special opportunity for bride and groom to devote attention to their most special guests and loved ones. Rehearsal dinners allow close family and friends to reflect and reminisce about years past as well as rejoice in anticipation of the exciting day ahead.

We specialize in creating extraordinary and memorable rehearsal dinners where the bride and groom can relax and fully engage with their dearest loved ones.  Our family restaurants, Rustico Ristorante, La Piazza del Villaggio Ristorante and La Pizzeria, are highly sought-after rehearsal dinner venues.

Our professional staff and talented Director of Special Events will handle all the arrangements to make certain that your rehearsal dinner looks, tastes and feels even better than you imagined it. Our consultations will guide you to a decision on the perfect venue for your event, and our creativity will lead you to the selection of an ideal dinner menu. We work with you to create the rehearsal dinner you desire.


Rehearsal Dinner Venues

  • Rustico Ristorante

  • La Piazza del Villaggio Ristorante

  • La Pizzeria

  • Private Estates


 Telluride Catering Private Rooms/Venues

  •  La Veranda

  • La Villa

  • il Salome

  • il Terrazzo

  • La Vinoteca

  • Sunset Plaza

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